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Background Story Edit

Multiverse Online takes place throughout all space and time, where sci-fi and fantasy becomes reality. In this roleplay anything can happen. 

Dating back to the year 589 AD in ancient Elysium, there was a great battle between the forces of good and evil. The battle was for the very soul of the land for it was during this era that a great evil arose known as The Fallen One and his apprentice Warren.There was great despair and chaos brought about by the selfish actions of this would be dictator, but in the end a great light shined on the land. This light was brought by an ancient being known as The Ancient of Days, no one saw him but in the moment of his arrival, came his disciple a young man named David, chosen since birth to bring peace to Elysium. In time David established a great kingdom, and his reign as king was one of peace, faith and prosperity. But like many Disciples his work was not done. David had to leave the Kingdom but that was not the end of his story.

Many years later in the year 1872 there was a small city called Vanguard built by a Religious Sect known as the Dominion, a group of religious supremacists who believed that their religion was the only way to receive immortality. This group was founded by a man known as Warren Pierce II. What many did not know was the master he served, an ancient enemy The Fallen One. Just outside of Vanguard is a safe haven for the now poor citizens of Vanguard, an abandoned train station known as Refuge Station now converted into a small town. This town is home to those who were forced to leave Vanguard because of the change of economy due to the rise of the Dominion. Surrounding Vanguard is a dark and mysterious place known as The Dark Lands. A wooded area known for the myths of Werewolves and Vampires.

​But Just off the Shore of this island Nation formerly known as Elysium, is a hidden Fortress Kingdom known as The 7th Kingdom. Hidden within is a salvation for all the people of Vanguard, for in this Kingdom lives a formidable force of chosen people of the great creator known as Oracle (The Ancient of Days).With tyranny and war, times only got worse for the people of Vanguard, people disappearing or being found dead, it seemed that all hope was lost, but then arose a great light out of the light came a group of individuals with great power, one with great speed, another with great strength and many others. These individuals were known as The Elite. With the power they were given they saved the people of Vanguard and stopped the work of Warren Pierce II, destroying the darkness that plagued the land.

After years of work a few wealthy individuals came to the Island of Vanguard and re-founded the Island renaming it Elysium (Land of the Blessed). During this time they built on this land and Eco City known as Elite City, in honor of the the people that were chosen to protect to this land and saved it.

It is now the year 2025 and Elite City is prosperous and peaceful thanks to the disciples, the chosen ones of the now well known deity called Oracle. Also known as The Ancient of Days. But like in all places, there is a darkness lurking in the shadows, an evil has risen up and is back with a vengeance not only against The Elite, but against the entire Multiverse.

It is up to The Elite of this generation and beyond to help save the Multiverse.

Characters Edit

Deities Edit

Oracle Edit

Oracle is the mirrored expression of the creator of all things, Heaven's and Earth's, He is our version of who God is. This Deity imparts gifts in the form of power to those he trusts. Among the people he has created he has set apart for himself a team called The Elite.

The Elite have been chosen to protect all life and lead the people of the multiverse into peace throughout the ages. Within The Elite there are many ranks, some protect the Multiverse and the Timeline as a whole, while others are assigned to a more specific task like protecting the people of Earth. Among the ranks there is an ancient counsel called The Elders. They hold The Elite accountable and report to Oracle.

Oracle tasks his highest ranking Elite to give wisdom and sometimes power to those he recruits. He also heals, restores and corrects all members of The Elite.

Mercury  Edit

Is the Mirrored Expression of Jesus Christ who is the reflection of his father. He is the only Begotten Son of God.

Mercury watches over The Earth and is the only way for Humans to contact Oracle his Father. His powers consist of every power known to man and some only known to himself. He is the bringer of life and death. He has the power to resurrect anyone from anytime and any place. He also has the ability to impart that same gift to The Elite. Mercury is the overseer of the Counsel and The Elite.

Nexus  Edit

Is an inter-dimensional being sent by Oracle to be born on Earth, so that he may gain wisdom and understanding, so that he could have compassion to mentor The Elite. Leading his generation into a new era of peace and hope. He has the power of flight and to see all things that happen in the Multiverse he uses Quantum Abilities that allow him to control and emit energy of all forms from his entire body and open portals to any place and travel to any time. He is a member of the Counsel of Elders an agent of The Elite and mentor to new recruits.

Secret Identity

Nexus goes by the name of Kyle Reyes a physicist in Elite Labs and currently resides in a penthouse condo in Elite City's, Monarch Plaza, His Earth father died when he was 15 years old and his Earth mother is a detective with the ECPD (Elite City Police Department). Kyle uses his mother's connection to the ECPD to keep tabs on criminals.

Infinity Edit

Is an elemental hybrid (Human/Deity) that absorbs and controls the Elements around her, she has the power of flight with bio-static wings. she uses Quantum abilities that allow her to control and emit energy of all forms from her entire body and teleport to any place and travel to any time. She is a member of the Counsel of Elders and is the Leader of The Elite.

Metahumans Edit

Aquarius Edit

Aquarius is a prince from the sea kingdom of Eros, raised by his parents Saturn and Ops who were king and queen of Eros. Aquarius was sent to the surface world to learn how to protect his people in both realms as an Emissary of Eros. Aquarius also serves as a member of the Elite and often lends a helping hand to his new friend Velocity.

Secret Identity
While on the surface world Aquarius goes by the name Aaron Springs, and attends Elysian High. Aaron Springs is a bit of a teachers pet, especially in Biology, the only problems he has are the enemies he must face and the powers he must master as they evolve. All while keeping his secret from his friends.

Velocity Edit

Velocity is a Metahuman with the power to run faster than the speed of Light, due to his connection to mercury he can also blast quantum energy from his hands and from his entire body in times of great distress. He uses a built in camera in his mask to record evidence and sends it to Murdock and Jones Legal Aid to help ensure the criminals he stops won't get out. He is a member of the Elite and best friend of Aquarius.

Secret Identity

Velocity's real name is Matt Walker, a High School Junior at Elysian High preparing for College; he is a good Student and interns at Elite Labs. He has two mothers and currently lives in the Elite City Historical District. Matt Walker was given the power of speed by the Deity known as Mercury when he was a kid, but his power was not activated until he was 16 years old.

Helix Edit

Helix is a Technopath that discovers his powers after inventing a nanotech exoskeleton to cure his paralysis, his abilities consist of enhanced strength, durability and speed. While also having a naturally gifted mind. His technopathic abilities allow him to control all things technology based with his mind.

Secret Identiry
Xander Lawrence is a wealthy inventor and biologist. He was paralyzed when he was 17 years old due to a car accident that put his parents Alex and Patricia Lawrence in a coma. Xander Lawrence is a co founder of Elite Labs and is best friends with Theo Adonide. During a brief sabbatical Xander Invented a nanotech injection that stimulates and heals all damage in the body down to the cells. This invention allowed him to walk again. However, Xander improved this invention and created a suit that amplifies his bodies own capabilities based off of his nano injection. This suit acts as a second skin but gives him enhanced strength, speed, stamina and agility as well as improved senses and complete cellular regeneration.